Spiritual Cycle

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Living in God’s Will

God’s Word - Step One

Our Position In Worship - Step Two

Prayer Hebrew Style - Step Three

God’s Word Revealed - Step Four

Walking in Steps of Jesus - Step Five

Praise God in All Things - Step Six

Finishing the Cycle - Step Seven

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The Spiritual Cycle – Read Acts 1:1-15 - The Spiritual Cycle is found in many places in the Bible. We find in Acts 1 Jesus has died and risen the people are listening to him in just a little different way. Before when he said something they may have considered what he was saying but NOW they are listening in anticipation of what he will say. They are listening because Jesus is about to give them some instructions: 1) Go to Jerusalem and wait, 2) Waiting for a Word, not just any Word but God’s Word. They now know who Jesus really is it was not what they had expected the Jews were looking for a king. God gives us the desires of our hearts.

The Word establishes our relationship with God that God is God and we are not. Believing God at His Word is the beginning of Faith and puts into a position of Worship. Prayer like the disciples of Christ is waiting on God to lead and give us what to pray through the Holy Ghost. As we pray the Word of God is opened to us and receive inspiration and direction for our life by revealed prophesy, and our steps are ordered and we follow in the path that Christ has already blazed for us. Living for Christ brings to our lives great moments and challenging moments, all for which we can Praise God for.

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